T&T Murders

22 Murders in Trinidad & Tobago to date in 2015

Compared to 41 for the same date last year

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Salma Chadee

Murder #22: Female, 19 years old, shot to death.

(Salma Chadee's Facebook)

Wanted: 35-year-old Azad "Goat" Ali. AKA: Azad Mohammed, Joe Mohammed. Considered armed and dangerous. Call police at 652-0495 or Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS.

Caroni teen shot at home
Sat 17 January 2015 - Mother of one, 19-year-old Salma Chadee, of Chadee Street, La Paille Village, Caroni, was shot to death by her boyfriend around 9:30 PM Saturday.

According to relatives, the boyfriend had been living at Chadee's Caroni home for some time and was in a relationship with the teen. The boyfriend had recently been in an automobile accident which put him into a wheelchair with two broken legs.

Family members told police the couple got into an argument Saturday evening.  (more)

Kareem Mitchell

Murder #21: Male, 25 years old, shot to death.

No good deed goes unpunished
Sat 17 January 2015 - Saturday morning around 4:30 AM outside Boy Joe's Bar on Southern Main Road in Marabella, 25-year-old Kareem "Kid" Mitchell was gunned down while partying.

The father of one was with friends liming, when another man nearby started touching and harassing one of Mitchell's lady friends. The 25-year-old mason, who worked for United Engineering, went over to intervene. The two men got into an argument, but eventually the other man left. Shortly afterward he came back with a gun and shot Mitchell three times in the back and then ran away.

Mitchell, who lived at Fourier Street, Battoo Avenue, Marabella, was rushed to the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) by police. He later died while undergoing emergency surgery around 7:30 AM that same morning.  (more)

Danelle Phillip

Murder #20: Male, 27 years old, shot to death.

Escape to New York
Mon 12 January 2015 - A father of two was shot to death on Observatory Street in East Port-of-Spain in broad daylight Monday morning around 10:15 AM.

Residents saw one man walk up to another man and shoot him. When they went to investigate, they found 27-year-old Danelle "Honey" Phillip of Second Caledonia, Morvant, lying on the ground bleeding from wounds about the body. He was rushed to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where he died while undergoing emergency surgery.

Phillip was a worker at the Port-of-Spain City Corporation. Co-workers called his wife that morning informing her that her husband had been shot. His body was taken to the Forensic Science Centre in St James for an autopsy. At the autopsy, relatives said a gang was pressuring Phillip to join, but he proved obdurate and refused.  (more)

Kerwin Scott

Murder #19: Male, 36 years old, shot to death.

Diego Martin home invasion
Mon 12 January 2015 - Father of four, Kerwyn "Kello" Scott, 36, of Blue Basin Road, Diego Martin was gunned down while in bed Monday morning around 2:30 AM.

A group of men dressed in police and military uniforms broke down the front door as they shouted "Police" and searched the home for Scott. When they came to his bedroom, they found the disabled man lying in bed unable to flee. They shot him multiple times about the body and left without harming anyone else or stealing anything.

Scott was shot last October and paralyzed from the waist down. He had witnessed the attackers who put him in a wheelchair and was scheduled to appear in open court soon to testify against them as the principle witness.

Police believe he may have been murdered to silence him.  (more)

Claudius Joseph

Murder #18: Male, 65 years old, stabbed to death.

Pensioner stabbed at home in Port Fortin
Sun 11 January 2015 - Sunday morning around 10:00 AM, 65-year-old pensioner Claudius Joseph was found by a friend dead at his Agard Road, Point Fortin, home. The father of four had been stabbed in the neck and was bleeding out of the mouth and nose.

Joseph was regularly checked upon by a friend, who found the pensioner lying on his bed that morning dead. Police were called and the body was taken to the Forensic Science Centre at St James for an autopsy. The autopsy confirmed it was a murder.

Family said they had no idea why the grandfather of ten was killed. Nothing was stolen from the house and the elderly man lead a quiet life. They recalled Joseph was chopped at his home about a year earlier by a woman, after they had had a fight.  (more)

Ateba Pantin

Murder #17: Male, 29 years old, shot to death.

Roadie killed in Laventille
Sun 11 January 2015 - Sunday morning around 11:00 AM, 29-year-old Ateba "Ace" Pantin of Diego Martin was shot to death while transporting musical instruments and equipment for the steelpan ensemble Witco Desperadoes.

The escalating violence in Laventille has forced the Desperadoes to move their panyard from Laventille Hill to Belmont for the upcoming Carnival Season.

Pantin was employed as a contractor to do roadie work, hauling gear between the Desperadoes' Laventille Hill panyard to their new panyard on Cadiz Road in Queen's Park East, Port-of-Spain. The young man was riding in a truck with his boss, Chavez Best, hauling equipment Sunday morning.  (more)

Rautie Esther Gopaul

Murder #16: Female, 42 years old, suffocated to death.

Mother murdered during home robbery
Fri 9 January 2015 - Rautie "Wendy" Esther Gopaul of McPhill Street, Caroni Savannah Road, Chaguanas, was murdered early Friday morning during a home invasion robbery.

Around 1:30 AM the 42-year-old mother and sales consultant was home sleeping. Her 19-year-old son, Aaron, was watching TV in his bedroom when two armed men entered. They took him into his mother's bedroom where a third man had aroused Wendy Gopaul from her slumber. One of the men was armed with a pistol, the other with a cutlass.

They restrained the mother and son, with tie-wraps and duct tape, and forced them to lie face-down on the bed while they ransacked the home and robbed the Gopaul's of an undisclosed sum of cash and jewelry.  (more)

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