T&T Murders

63 Murders in Trinidad & Tobago to date in 2015

Compared to 90 for the same date last year

Trinidad 63 Tobago 0

Ryan Applewhite

Murder #63: Male, 33 years old, shot to death.

Death in San Juan
Tue 3 March 2015 - Father of three and Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) worker Ryan Applewhite, 33, was shot to death Tuesday morning.

Around 10:30 AM neighbors heard gunshots near Shend Street and Upper Sunshine Avenue in the "Leasehold" area of San Juan. They called police who arrived to find Applewhite lying on the ground near his home, dead from multiple gunshot wounds about the body.

Applewhite was on the job and had just completed cleaning a basketball court and was near his home at the time of his death.

Police said he was shot up to ten times. A medical officer declared him dead at the crime scene.

Applewhite had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and was well-known to police.  (more)

Marlon Crooks

Murder #62: Male, 30 years old, shot to death.

Shot while washing his car
Mon 2 March 2015 - At an apartment complex next to the St Francois Girls' College in Belmont, 30-year-old Marlon Crooks of St Francois Valley Road was shot to death Monday around 12:45 PM.

He was outside the apartment building where he lived washing his car, along with his friend, 22-year-old Odel Charles, when a car pulled up alongside the pair. Four men got out, confronted Crooks, and then pulled out guns and opened fire on the pair. The killers returned to the car and sped away.

Both men were shot multiple times about the the body. They were rushed to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital by emergency health personnel, but Crooks, a father of four, died while undergoing emergency surgery later that afternoon. Charles is currently recuperating at the hospital in serious, but stable, condition.

Police recovered more than 40 spent bullet shells at the crime scene.  (more)

Tim Farrell

Murder #61: Male, 37 years old, shot to death.

Slain for $200 TTD?
Mon 2 March 2015 - Around 9:30 AM Monday 37-year-old Tim Farrell, a Private Hire (PH) driver from Aboud Circular Road, St James was shot to death at Upper Hillside Avenue in Cascade.

That morning gunshots were heard by residents of the area. They called police who arrived to find Farrell's car crashed into a culvert. The victim was in the drivers seat bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds about the body.

Emergency health officials arrived and tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate the victim, who was then declared dead at the crime scene. Police recovered several spent bullet casings and his body was then taken to the nearby Forensic Science Centre in St James for an autopsy to be performed Tuesday.

Police currently have no suspects, but they believe Farrell was killed by a passenger in the car, since the victim bore gunshot wounds to the right side of his body.  (more)

Hafeez Mohammed

Murder #60: Male, age unknown, shot to death.

Abducted, taken away, and murdered
Sat 28 February 2015 - Saturday morning Hafeez "Ram Indo Trini" Mohammed, of La Canoa Road, Santa Cruz, was visting a friend in Central Trinidad when two men came and abducted him at gunpoint. They then left the scene in a car driven by a third man.

Residents saw the abduction and contacted police. They told police they thought the car was heading to Warrenville.

Around 12:30 PM Saturday police found Mohammed lying in the weeds off Baboonia Trace, near Warrenville, Cunupia. His hands were bound and he had beenfatally shot in the head and chest.

Police were then on the lookout for the vehicle used in the crime. It was spotted and the driver was taken into custody. The two men, suspected of murdering Mohammed, escaped on foot. A large manhunt is now underway to apprehend the killers.

Mohammed was well-known to police.  (more)

Roumald Dillon

Murder #59: Male, 44 years old, shot to death.

Marabella Murder
Wed 25 February 2015 - Kai Joseph received a telephone call Wednesday afternoon informing him that his brother, Romel "Tucky" Dillon, had been shot at a basketball court near Phillip's Pie Shop in Marabella. Joseph immediately went there and around 4:30 PM that afternoon he discovered his 44-year-old brother lying on the ground bleeding from gunshot wounds to the back.

Dillon was rushed to the San Fernando General Hospital by private car, where he underwent emergency surgery. Later that evening the Bayshore man died of his wounds.

Police were notified of the shooting and recovered several spent shells at the crime scene during their subsequent investigation.  (more)

Sadhana Nobbee

Murder #58: Female, 48 years old, shot to death.

Mother of two executed
Tue 24 February 2015 - At the home of Sadhana Nobbee, 48, of Spring Trace, Warden Road, Point Fortin, a deadly home invasion occurred Tuesday night around 11:45 PM.

Two men wearing bulletproof vests with the word "POLICE" emblazoned on them broke down the front door of the victim's modest wooden home. Their faces were covered by bandanas. Inside were Nobbee and her two teenage daughters.

The daughters were taken at gunpoint into a bedroom by one of the men and held hostage. Nobbee was left alone with the other gunman in the front room.

The daughters heard the man interrogating their mother about the whereabouts of her boyfriend, Clive Samlalsingh. Nobbee informed the gunman that he was not there and that he did not live with them. At which point, the killer shot her once point blank in the head. The gunmen then fled the crime scene.

The daughters were left unharmed.  (more)

John Wilson

Murder #57: Male, 32 years old, shot to death.

Drive-by in Laventille
Mon 23 February 2015 - Around 8:00 PM Monday John Wilson, 32, of Ovid Alley, Basillon Street, East Dry River, was visiting a friend near St Paul Street in East Dry River. At the same time a group of men in a stolen white Nissan were driving along St Paul Street, near block 8, in the same vicinity. Gunmen inside the car opened fire, spraying bullets randomly at buildings and cars. They then sped off.

Police were called and arrived and while investigating near Clifton Street, they discovered the body of Wilson lying on the ground bleeding.  (more)

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