T&T Murders

367 Murders in Trinidad & Tobago to date in 2014

Compared to 355 for the same time last year

Roderick Joseph

Murder #367: Male, 36 years old, shot to death.

Body found in Santa Flora
Mon 24 November 2014 - The body of 36-year-old Roderick Joseph of Forres Park, Claxton Bay was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds about the body Monday afternoon. Joseph was discovered around 4:00 PM lying in the weeds off Sand Pit Road in Santa Flora.

Police were called and they initially thought the victim had been stabbed. A subsequent autopsy concluded that the injuries were rather gunshot wounds, not stab wounds. Joseph had been shot point-blank three times, execution-style. The victim was well-known to police.  (more)

Seema Balkaran

Murder #366: Female, 33 years old, shot to death.

Murder outside a Freeport bar
Sun 23 November 2014 - 33-year-old Seema Khemragie Balkaran, a fish vendor from Tiwarie Extension North, Freeport, was shot to death in a parking lot outside of Tom's Bar, Arena Road, Freeport, Sunday evening around 8:00 PM.

Balkaran was inside the bar liming and playing cards with a group of friends when she stepped outside to take a call on her cellphone. An automobile pulled up alongside the mother of one and opened fire, hitting her three times about the body. She ran a short distance and collapsed and died from her wounds. The shooters then drove off into the night.

Police were called to the crime scene and started their murder investigation.

Sunday's murder was the second attempt on Balkaran's life. In August of this year, she was grazed in the arm by a bullet when a gunman opened fire in a drive-by shooting at the same bar.  (more)

Birgid & Hubertus Keil

Murder #365: Male, 74 years old, chopped to death.
Murder #364: Female, 71 years old, chopped to death.

(Birgid Keil's Facebook)

Elderly couple murdered in Tobago
Sat 22 November 2014 - The bodies of a retired German couple were discovered Saturday morning at picturesque Bacolet Beach on Minister's Bay in Tobago.

Around 10:00 AM two beachcombers discovered the body of 71-year-old Birgid Maria Keil. Police were called and arrived to begin the investigation, later finding the body of 74-year-old Hubertus Konrad Keil a short distance away in the bushes.

They were brutally chopped to death, suffering deadly wounds to the back of their necks and defensive wounds about their hands and bodies, indicating a struggle had ensued. Police found cellphones and house keys on the bodies of the victims. They inspected the Keil's nearby home and saw that it was inviolate.

The Keils, of German State of Hesse, who wintered in Bacolet, had arrived recently in Tobago on October 21 to spend the winter at their island getaway home.  (more)

Kimberly Williams

Murder #363: Female, 29 years old, strangled to death.

Sangre Grande woman strangled
Sat 22 November 2014 - Around 2:00 AM Saturday, 29-year-old Kimberly Williams was discovered by her husband lying dead on the bed in their Cooperative Street, Sangre Grande apartment. The mother of one was clad only in her underwear, with blood about her mouth.

Police were called and commenced their investigations. William's body was later taken to the St James Forensic Science Centre for an autopsy to be performed Monday.

Williams, a lab technician who worked at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital, was last seen alive Friday afternoon by neighbors.

The autopsy confirmed that her death was murder and that she was strangled to death. Her neck and throat had bruises consistent with manual strangulation, causing asphyxiation.  (more)

Ramlal Ramroop

Murder #362: Male, 66 years old, stabbed to death.

Charged: Kumar Lutchmansin, 28, Biche

Third pensioner murdered this week
Wed 19 November 2014 - Wednesday evening around 5:00 PM, villagers from Canque Village, Biche saw a body in the nearby Caratal River and called police. Police arrived and with the assistance of the villagers, they were able to extract the body from debris washed up by recent heavy rains. The body of Ramlal Ramroop was identified and it was seen by all that his throat was cut and the back of his head had been bashed in.

Villagers and police were on the lookout for Ramroop, since he was reported missing by relatives last weekend. Relatives went to check on the pensioner after telephone calls went unanswered.  (more)

John Mitchell

Murder #361: Male, 74 years old, suffocated to death.

Elderly man beaten to death
Wed 19 November 2014 - A shopkeeper who sold sundries in Belmont was beaten and asphyxiated to death Wednesday.

John "Shaky" Mitchell, 74, of Cadiz Road and Archer Street, Belmont, was found by neighbors dead inside his shop, bound and gagged. His store was ransacked and the purse in which he kept his sales money was missing, leading police to suspect robbery was the motive.

Mitchell was known to sit in a chair in front of his house and sell sundries to the neighborhood. According to his brother, Roy, Mitchell suffered from a disability that hindered his ability to walk. Despite his handicap, he was independent and took care of himself, making a living by selling merchandise through his home business.

Mitchell's body was taken to the Port-of-Spain Mortuary for an autopsy to be performed on Thursday.

He is the fourth elderly person murdered in the last three weeks.  (more)

Matthew Boney

Murder #360: Male, 32 years old, shot to death.

Murder in Malick
Tue 18 November 2014 - Around 1:00 AM Tuesday, 32-year-old Matthew Boney arrived by car at his home on Comprehensive Road, Malick, Barataria. Two men approached as he went to open the front gate. The three got into an altercation, during which the men drew firearms and shot Boney multiple times about the body. The killers then fled the scene.

Police were called by nearby residents and officers from the Barataria police station arrived to find Boney lying dead on the ground. His body was taken to the St James Forensic Science Centre for an autopsy.  (more)

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