T&T Murders

398 Murders in Trinidad & Tobago to date in 2014

Compared to 387 for the same time last year

Joel Pegus

Murder #398: Male, 35 years old, shot to death.

Cab driver murdered in Diego
Wed 17 December 2014 - 35-year-old private hire (PH) taxi driver, Joel "Jo Jo" Pegus, was shot to death at Blue Basin, Diego Martin, Wednesday evening around 7:30 PM.

Shots were heard and police were called. West End police arrived and found Pegus slumped behind the steering wheel of his car bleeding from a single gunshot wound. His car was stuck in a ditch with the headlights on and the engine running.

The medical officer on duty arrived and ordered Pegus' body taken to the nearby St James Medical Complex where he was pronounced dead on arrival. An autopsy conducted on Thursday determined he was shot at close range once in the neck and died instantly. Forensic evidence indicated the fatal gunshot came from a passenger sitting in the backseat of the car.

Pegus drove cab and worked as a delivery man.  (more)

Sylvert Edwards

Murder #397: Male, 65 years old, shot to death.

Arrested: 29-year-old Lambeau, Tobago man

Courier murdered in Tobago
Wed 17 December 2014 - 65-year-old Sylvert Edwards of Sherwood Park, Carnbee, Tobago, was killed outside the Thor Credit Union around 11:30 AM Wednesday. The credit union is located on the Tobago House of Assembly’s Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities grounds at Shaw Park.

The father of three was sitting in his van parked outside the credit union preparing to make a cash delivery of payroll. Two men in red shirts walked up to him and shot him in the hip as he exited the vehicle. They took a brown envelop containing $100,000 [$15,760 USD] in cash and fled the scene on foot.

Police arrived and found Edwards dead in the vehicle. He had bled to death.

Employees of the Infrastructure and Public Utilities compound were in shock over the murder.  (more)

Osei Richardson

Murder #396: Male, 29 years old, shot to death.

Gunfight in St James
Tue 16 December 2014 - A St James family were driving along Bellevue Road, Long Circular, Tuesday around 8:00 AM. They pulled over and parked the car and soon thereafter a man on the roadside approached and started shooting.

29-year-old Osei Richardson was sitting in the passenger seat. He too was armed and returned fire. Richardson was shot twice, once in the neck and once in the chest.

The driver, Cindy Daniel, 39, Osei's wife was in the driver's seat. She was hit by bullets in the wrist and waist.

The couple's two children were in the back seat of the car. Their 11-year-old son covered his 1-month-old sister while the shooting occurred. The children were unharmed.

After the shooting was over the gunman fled on foot.

Daniels saw her husband bleeding profusely, so she rushed to the nearby Port-of-Spain General Hospital. Richardson was declared dead on arrival.  (more)

Shaun Christom

Murder #395: Male, 36 years old, shot to death.

Body found in Cunupia
Mon 15 December 2014 - 36-year-old Shaun Marlon Christom of Susan Street in Couva was found dead Monday at Ramlal Trace, Warrenville, Cunupia around 3:40 AM. He was shot twice, once in the head, and the other about the body and was discovered lying alongside the roadway in a pool of blood.

A passerby found Christom and called police. He was pronounced dead at the scene and his body was removed to the Forensic Science Centre in St James for an autopsy to be performed later that day.

Earlier that night Christom had been seen drinking at a bar in Couva. According to witnesses at the bar, he got into no altercations or disputes of any kind.

His family informed police that Christom suffered from mental illness for the last 12 years. They said he would live with his family periodically. He would also occasionally check himself into St Ann's Psychiatric Hospital for treatment.  (more)

Unidentified Man

Murder #394: Male, age unknown, beaten to death.

Homeless man beaten to death
Sat 13 December 2014 - Police received a report of an altercation Saturday evening around 9:00 PM at an abandoned house on Mucurapo Road in St James.

When they arrived they found an unidentified man lying inside the house in a pool of blood, dead from a blow to the head. They later arrested a 53-year-old man nearby for beating the unidentified man to death with an iron rod.

According to police the two homeless men were fighting over lodging at the abandoned house, when the one beat the other to death.  (more)

Eric & Keron Ruiz, & Tenika Barthlomew

Murder #393: Female, 23 years old, shot to death.
Murder #392: Male, 29 years old, shot to death.
Murder #391: Male, 33 years old, shot to death.

Three executed in Valencia
Fri 12 December 2014 - Three people were killed execution-style at a country house outside the village of Valencia off the Eastern Main Road Friday night around 9:30 PM.

33-year-old gardener Eric "Rampel" Ruiz, his cousin 29-year-old Keron "Pablo" Ruiz, and Eric's 23-year-old girlfriend Tenika Barthlomew, were at Eric's home near "Ma Jack Hill" when gunmen broke into the house and shot the two cousins several times about the body. Their lifeless bodies were found later by police, lying on the floor in the living room of the house.

Young Tenika tried to escape and ran out of the house only to be pursued and shot to death by the killers. She was found in nearby bushes dead from two gunshot wounds to the head.

Neighbors heard the gunshots and called Valencia police who arrived quickly. Police saw one of the killers lurking in the forest perimeter near the house.  (more)

Derrick St John

Murder #390: Male, 45 years old, shot to death.

Murder in La Brea
Fri 12 December 2014 - Father of four and pipe-fitter, Derrick St John, 45, of Leon Street, La Brea was asleep when he received a telephone call around 2:00 AM Friday morning.

He went outside without telling his family where he was going and then walked to nearby Nelson Street. Around 3:30 AM gunshots were heard by neighbors. Soon after police received an anonymous telephone tip about the shooting.

Police arrived at the crime scene and found St John lying dead on the side of the road. They began their crime scene investigation.

St John was shot five times with wounds to the hand, stomach, and back of the head. Police found over $3000 cash [$470 USD] in his pocket, so robbery has been ruled out as a motive for the killing.  (more)

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