T&T Murders

343 Murders in Trinidad & Tobago to date in 2014

Compared to 327 for the same time last year

Marlon Charles

Murder #343: Male, 36 years old, shot to death.

Cumuto man murdered on birthday
Thu 30 October 2014 - 36-year-old Marlon Charles of Camuto was found dead inside his car Thursday morning around 5:00 AM. The psychiatric nurse was shot in the back of the head by an unknown assailant sometime that night. Thursday was Charles' birthday and a few hours earlier he had celebrated it with co-workers of the St Ann’s Psychiatric Hospital.

Around 4:00 AM, Charles' mother, Sheila Charles, received a telephone call from her son's cell phone. When the mother of four answered the call, an unfamiliar male voice was on the other end. The man asked if she had any money. He abruptly disconnected the telephone call when she started inquiring who he was, where was her son, and why was he using her son's cell phone? Return calls to the cell phone went unanswered.

An hour later, Charles was found dead by a passerby, slumped behind the steering wheel of his car.  (more)

Indra Diaz

Murder #342: Female, 36 years old, shot to death.

Caroni woman murdered during dinner
Wed 29 October 2014 - A Caroni woman was murdered at home during dinner Wednesday evening around 9:00 PM.

36-year-old Indra Diaz was having dinner with her husband Shawn Khan, 38, in the back yard of their Madras Road, Caroni home. A man dressed in black crept up behind the couple, through a vacant lot, and opened fire with a handgun. Diaz was struck by two bullets and died at the scene. Khan, a custodian at nearby Piarco International Airport, was hit once in the face and wounded. The shooter then escaped through the same vacant lot and ran into some bushes fleeing the crime scene.

Police were called and arrived with a K-9 detail. They found a pistol in the vacant lot, which they believe is the murder weapon. A few hours later, police detained a close relative of Diaz as a suspect in the murder.  (more)

Florentine Arneaud

Murder #341: Female, 73 years old, stabbed to death.

Elderly woman murdered in her home
Wed 29 October 2014 - An elderly woman was found murdered in her Sangre Grande apartment on Wednesday around 7:00 PM.

Relatives became concerned after repeat calls to the home of Florentine Arneaud, 73, went unanswered. A family member went to her Savi Street home and knocked on the door. There was no answer. The relative noticed a foul smell and immediately called police.

The Sangre Grande police arrived and broke down the door, only to discover the pensioner lying dead on the floor. She had been stabbed in the chest and neck and a plastic bag was placed over her head. The elderly woman's DVD player and television were missing, prompting police to believe robbery is the motive for the heinous crime.

Arneaud was last seen alive Friday by family. She was unmarried and lived alone in her apartment and had no children, but she had relatives living in the area who saw her frequently.  (more)

Bringing Down the Murder Rate

• 340 murders to date in 2014
• Decrease in homicides expected
• Increased police presence endorsed by public

(Trinidad & Tobago Newsday)

Murder detection rate increased in 2014
Thu 30 October 2014 - The murder detection rate "has increased" this year, thanks to an "executive decision" taken by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) a few months ago to transfer "50 percent of our detectives in mainstream policing into the Homicide Investigation Bureau," says Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Glen Hackett.

These detectives have been assisting with "current investigative processes that are being undertaken and with cold cases." As such, Hackett added, "We have solved a number of murders and the detection rate has increased from what it was before." Hackett said there were 340 murders for the period January 1, 2014 to October 29, 2014, which is an increase over the 324 murders recorded for the same period last year.  (more)

Anil Jaikaran

Murder #340: Male, 38 years old, shot to death.

Pleasantville man dead, brother wounded
Sat 25 October 2014 - A shooting near Battoo Boulevard, Marabella left a younger brother dead, his older brother wounded, and the wounded brother's wife unharmed.

38-year-old Anil Jaikaran was driving in the Marabella "Train Line" area Saturday around 10:00 PM. His brother Ramnaresh Jaikaran, 40, was beside him in the passenger seat while his sister-in-law, Lystra Jaikaran, 37, was in the back seat, when two masked men shot at the moving vehicle. Anil, of Coconut Drive, Pleasantville, was hit seven times in the upper body, but managed to continue driving away to safety before dying behind the wheel. His brother Ramnaresh was wounded in his leg and Naresh's wife Lystra fortunately remained unscathed.

The family members were returning home to Pleasantville from Marabella where Lystra had been visiting her children, who live in the Train Line area, earlier that day.  (more)

Dale Mathis

Murder #339: Male, 40 years old, shot to death.

More gang warfare in Diego
Sat 25 October 2014 - A Jamaat-al-Muslimeen (Community of Muslims) (جماعة المسلمين) member was gunned down in broad daylight Saturday morning outside a busy supermarket in Diego Martin. 40-year-old father of five, Dale Mathis, of Upper Rich Plain Road, Diego Martin, had stopped at the Diamond Vale grocery store with one of his three wives.

Mathis waited outside the store in his car, while his wife shopped inside. Around 11:30 AM two masked men walked up to the vehicle and shot Mathis to death with semi-automatic rifles. The victim was hit multiple times about the body from the barrage of gunfire and died instantly. The assassins then fled the scene in a waiting car.

Eyewitnesses captured the license plate of the escape vehicle, but upon investigation, police discovered it was a stolen tag.  (more)

Ebo Adams

Murder #338: Male, 23 years old, shot to death.

Robbed, then gunned down
Sat 25 October 2014 - A lone gunman approached two pedestrians in the vicinity of Wall Street and Pinto Road in Arima Saturday around 2:15 AM. The gunman robbed the pair, stealing petty cash, cellphones, and jewelry, and then shot them, killing one and seriously wounding the other.

Dead at the scene was Ebo Adams, 23, who was shot in the head. Wounded was Jason Pierre, 23, of Boys Town, Sangre Grande. Pierre was shot multiple times about the body. He was taken to the Arima Health Facility and later transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where he is recuperating from his wounds.

Relatives said Adams and Pierre had been playing cards earlier that evening and winning. After the pair left the game, the gunmen approached them on Wall Street to rob them of their winnings.  (more)

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