T&T Murders

330 Murders in Trinidad & Tobago to date in 2014

Compared to 320 for the same time last year

Frederick Dexter Samuels

Murder #330: Male, 48 years old, shot to death.

Another murder in Bon Air Gardens
Wed 22 October 2014 - 48-year-old Frederick Dexter Samuels of Viceroy Crescent, Bon Air, Arouca, was murdered around 1:30 AM Wednesday.

Gunshots were reported to police by residents of the neighborhood and a mobile police patrol in the area responded. Police found Samuels lying dead on the ground after being shot in the chest and face. They also found a bicycle and washing machine nearby.

Samuels was seen earlier that night carrying the washing machine on his bicycle. He was known to residents of the area for repairing and reselling discarded appliances.

Police investigators recovered two spent bullet shells and a single live round at the crime scene.  (more)

Jason Grazette

Murder #329: Male, 35 years old, shot to death.

Construction worker killed in Diego
Tue 21 October 2014 - Around 9:30 PM on Tuesday 35-year-old Jason Grazette of Luis Street and La Puerta Avenue, Diego Martin was shot to death.

Grazette, a construction worker and father of two, was driving his cousin's car along Gilkes Street in the Four Roads area of Diego Martin. Two men ran up to him, as he sat behind the wheel of the car, and shot him multiple times. Grazette continued driving while wounded for a short distance and then crashed into another vehicle driving along Morne Coco Road. The driver of the second vehicle was unhurt.

Police and Emergency Health Services were called and Grazette was taken to the nearby St James Medical Complex and later transported to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital. He died later undergoing emergency treatment.

Family members stated they knew of no threats having been made against Grazette.  (more)

Marcus Antoine

Murder #328: Male, 32 years old, shot to death.

Former car thief shot
Tue 21 October 2014 - Tuesday morning around 9:00 AM gunshots rang out on Mockingbird Drive in Bon Air Gardens, Arouca. Marcus "Benny" Antoine was found lying dead in a pool of blood in the street in front of his mother's house where he lived.

Antoine, a 32-year-old a mechanic, had been shot multiple times about the body. Police said Antoine, a former car thief, was called out by a passenger in a car parked nearby. The passenger asked Antoine for a light for his cigarette. When Antoine walked over to hand him his lighter, the passenger shot him several times, including a shot to the head. The car then sped away from the crime scene.

Police and Emergency Health Services were called, but Antoine was already dead at the scene when they arrived. Distraught relatives admitted Antoine had been in trouble with the law, but they claimed he was trying to change his ways.  (more)

Percy Frasier

Murder #327: Male, 50 years old, shot to death.

Murder victim found in D'Abadie
Mon 20 October 2014 - The decomposing body of a man was discovered Monday morning around 9:30 AM near the Churchill Roosevelt Highway in D'Abadie.

A farmer traveling on an agricultural access road came upon the body on his way to the fields. The body was found close to Piarco Old Road near the National Science Centre of the National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (NIHERST). The victim, of African descent, was found lying face-down with wounds to the head.

Police were called and after conducting crime scene investigations, the body was transported to the St James Forensic Science Centre. An autopsy was performed Tuesday and the man was identified as 50-year-old Percy Frasier.  (more)

Jason Spencer

Murder #326: Male, 35 years old, shot to death.

Gunman brandishes weapon after murder
Thu 16 October 2014 - On Thursday afternoon around 1:00 PM, Jason Spencer, 35, of Petunia Avenue, Morvant, was walking down a road near his home when he was shot to death.

Spencer was accompanied by a friend and as they neared the corner of Gerbera Drive and Petunia Avenue, a man sitting nearby approached the pair. Without warning, he shot Spencer twice in the head. Spencer's companion was left uninjured. According to witnesses, the man then brandished his gun in the air for all onlookers to see. The assassin then calmly left the crime scene on foot.

Neighbors rushed to the aid of Spencer who was taken to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where he died later that day undergoing emergency treatment. Police were called and arrived to conduct their investigation. They said Spencer had no police record and they currently have no motive for his killing.  (more)

Sheldon Simmons

Murder #325: Male, 35 years old, shot to death.

Gangland slaying in Belmont
Thu 16 October 2014 - Around 11:00 AM Thursday 35-year-old Sheldon Simmons, of Upper Belle Eau Road, Belmont, was walking near his home when, according to police, a lone gunman walked up and shot him several times about the body. Simmons was rushed to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police said Simmons was on his way to the funeral of his cousin Keshorn Joseph when he was gunned down Thursday morning. Joseph was murdered this Saturday past in St Barbs, Laventille.  (more)

Colin Samuels

Murder #324: Male, 41 years old, shot to death.

Father of murder victim murdered
Wed 15 October 2014 - Colin Samuels, 41, the father of murder victim Hakim Sturge was himself murdered Wednesday afternoon around 4:30 PM.

Samuels, a Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) employee, was driving his car near Bath Street in East Dry River when he stopped at a traffic signal. A lone gunman approached Samuels' car and shot him several times. According to police, Samuels, a father of three, attempted to drive away, but crashed into a traffic sign and a nearby parked car. Police and Emergency Health Services were called by witnesses at the scene. The victim was taken to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital, but was declared dead on arrival.

Samuels' 19-year-old son, Hakim Sturge, was gunned down outside a mini-mart in Morvant three weeks earlier on September 29th.  (more)

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