T&T Murders

86 Murders in Trinidad & Tobago to date in 2015

Compared to 110 for the same date last year

Trinidad 85 Tobago 1

Jude Geoffrey

Murder #86: Male, 38 years old, beaten to death.

Argument turns deadly
Fri 27 March 2015 - Two neighbors got into an argument that turned deadly Friday morning at Turpin Trace, Harris Village, South Oropouche.

Jude Geoffrey, a 38-year-old electrician, and his 34-year-old neighbor came to blows around 7:15 AM that morning. The neighbor, a Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) worker, picked up a large rock and bashed Geoffrey in the head and neck repeatedly.

Residents witnessed the incident and called police.  (more)

Kent Nicholas

Murder #85: Male, 54 years old, shot to death.

Early morning shooting
Fri 27 March 2015 - A Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) worker was murdered near his home on his way to work Friday morning.

Around 05:45 AM, 54-year-old Kent Nicolas of Tin Pan Alley Road, Barrackpore, was outside his house when he was approached by a gunman who open fired with a pistol.  (more)

Akim O'Neil

Murder #84: Male, 25 years old, shot to death.

Belmont shooting
Fri 27 March 2015 - Early Friday morning, around 12:15 AM, 25-year-old Akim "Oscar" O'Neil was shot to death in Belmont.

O'Neil, of Makai Lands, had just dropped off his girlfriend at her Belmont home after a night out. He was on Upper St Francois Valley Road, seeking a ride home, when two men approached. They opened fire hitting the victim multiple times about the body.

Residents called police after hearing the gunshots and went to investigate. They found O'Neil lying on the ground bleeding.

The District Medical Officer declared him dead at the scene.  (more)

Jamal Brown

Murder #83: Male, 27 years old, shot to death.

Tunapuna shooting
Thu 26 March 2015 - On Jacobin Avenue in Maloney, Tunapuna, outside Gordon's Mini Mart, 27-year-old Jamal Brown was murdered Thursday evening around 11:30 PM.

Brown was liming with a friend outside the Mini Mart, when a car approached and two men climbed out with pistols and started shooting. Brown was hit multiple times about the body and died instantly. His companion was shot in the leg, but survived. The killers then fled the crime scene.

Police arrived soon thereafter and Brown was declared dead at the scene. The wounded man, 35-year-old Akim Davis, was taken to hospital and is currently recuperating from his injuries.  (more)

Kevin Waldron

Murder #82: Male, 40 years old, stabbed to death.

Fratricide in Tobago
Thu 26 March 2015 - The first murder of 2015 in Tobago was recorded Thursday morning.

Around 8:00 AM, 40-year-old Kevin Waldron of Silk Cotton Trace, Bon Accord, Tobago, arrived at the home he shared with his family, including his 54-year-old brother. The brothers made their living as fishermen and fish vendors selling their catch outside their Bon Accord home.

That morning the older brother was cleaning a fish for sale to a customer when Waldron arrived home. He rudely demanded the customer move her car which was parked in the driveway, blocking his access. This angered the older brother who was in the middle of a sales transaction. The two brothers started arguing, which led to a fight, during which the older brother stabbed the younger brother in the neck.

Police were called and began their investigation. They took the older brother into custody.  (more)

James Douglas

Murder #81: Male, 51 years old, shot to death.

Slaying in Sou Sou Lands
Tue 24 March 2015 - The body of 51-year-old straightener and painter James Douglas of Laventille Road, San Juan, was found by neighbors after they heard gunshots in Sou Sou Lands, Febeau Village Tuesday morning and went to investigate. Around 10:30 AM the victim was discovered lying in the grass with multiple gunshot wounds about the body.

Police were called and the district medical officer declared him dead at the crime scene. His body was taken to the Forensic Science Centre in St James for an autopsy to be performed Wednesday.  (more)

Chanelal Mangroo

Murder #80: Male, 56 years old, stabbed to death.

Murder in Felicity
Mon 23 March 2015 - Monday morning, around 7:20 AM, a Chagunanas Borough Corporation employee made a gruesome discovery at a Dookram Trace, Cacandee Road, Felicity home. The worker noticed blood on the road in front of a house and went to investigate. He found the body of 56-year-old Chanelal "Mouth" Mangroo lying dead in the yard near the family's religious altar. Mangroo had been stabbed to death and died from wounds to the head and chest.

Police were called and arrived to begin their investigation. They discovered a blood trail leading from a bedroom inside the house to the yard where the body was found.

Mangroo, a father of two, was alone that night as his family was staying with relatives in Longdenville.  (more)

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